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Our businesses

Since its establishment in 1988, Mirae Asset Life Insurance, which takes client happiness as the priority, has been growing as a life insurance company providing firm faith to clients through its pursuit of thorough C/S(client/server) and substance orientated management.

As part of Mirae Asset, a specialized investment group, practicing client priority management based on the business philosophy, “We value our people and embrace the future with an open mind.” we are doing our utmost to provide clients with diverse insurance products and friendly client services through our FC(Financial Consultants) / SFC(Special Financial Consultants) / TFCs from branches nationwide.

Based on the asset management know-how of the Mirae Asset Financial Group, we are especially being appraised as having great competitiveness in the variable insurance market which is attracting the most attention out of the latest financial instruments, and we are also being recognized as a finance company having the capability to proactively conduct comprehensive financial consulting tasks.

Based on this specialized competitiveness, high human resources, and advanced management infrastructure, Mirae Asset Life Insurance will become a company at the forefront of customer focused management.
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