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Our history

Originally established in 1988 as Daejeon Life Insurance, the Company was merged with Kookmin Life and Handuk Life in 2000 and was subsequently acquired by Mirae Asset Financial Group in 2005, to become Mirae Asset Life Insurance.
Corporate Milestones
Mar. 1988 Established as Daejeon Life Insurance
Oct. 1997 Merged with Kookmin Life and Handuk Life
Jun. 2005 Acquired by Mirae Asset Financial Group / renamed to Mirae Asset Life Insurance
Nov. 2005 First to open financial consulting center in Korea
Dec. 2005 First to be authorized as retirement pension provider in Korea
Dec. 2005 First to establish Retirement Research Institute in Korea
Jul. 2006 First to sell mutual funds through insurance FCs in Korea
Sep. 2007 First to provide trust services in Korea
Jun. 2010 First to establish smart mobile insurance subscription system in Korea
Apr. 2014 First to provide variable insurance products through online channel in Korea
2012~2014 Awarded “Innovative Marketing Award” by Herald Economic for 3 consecutive years
Jun. 2015 Awarded “Life Insurance Distributor of the Year” for 2 consecutive years(Asian Investor Korean Awards 2014)
July. 2015 Stock Market Listing (KOSPI)
Dec. 2016 Received Award from Minister of Health and Welfare for our contribution to protection and care of senior citizens living alone
Mar. 2018 Acquired the former PCA Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
May. 2018 Net Asset Value of Mirae Asset Variable Life MVP Fund exceeded KRW 1trn
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