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Social responsibility

Background to social contribution activities
"Mirae Asset Life Insurance must recognize and practice its social responsibilities" Mirae Asset Life has recognized the importance of corporate social responsibilities and is practicing the return of profits to society. We will be responsible for a part in making a healthy society together with the neglected neighbors through social contributions and voluntary service.
- one of the responsibility values of Mirae Asset -
Major activity areas
Classification Comments
Social contribution project

- building the house of love (Habitat) / disaster relief (helping disaster victims)
- support project for incurable diseased in children (heart/heukemia)
- helping children who are heads of household / staff and executives blood donation movement etc.

Voluntary service activities

- regional society nursing home (welfare center / nursing homes) environment improvement support
- environment protection campaign etc.

Mirae Asset Life Insurance Voluntary social service group
Classification Comments
Social service group leader


Control tower (administration department) Social contribution team
Appoint 1 headquarters voluntary service leader (section head) and 1 onsite voluntary service leader for each area and designate a team leader (manager, senior manager) who is the head of each service team
Service group composition (total 20)
  • Comprised of headquarter service groups (9) and regional service groups (11), a total of 20
  • The headquarter personnal are put into the headquarter service groups, and the regional branch personal are put into the regional service groups.
Service group composition (total 42)
  • Headquarter service group : 1 teams for each service group (total 9)
  • Regional service group : 3 teams for each regional service group (total 33)
  • Service teams comprise of 20 or less people.
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