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Our financial group

Our group structure reflects our drive to build a solid and diversified platform for expansion, while ensuring integrated operational efficiency.
Mirae Asset Financial Group has a solid competitive edge with its extensive network of operations in emerging markets covering Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea and Vietnam. Today, we are taking active measures to expand into more advanced capital markets, including the U.K and the U.S.

Since our establishment in 1997, we have become one of the largest equity investors in emerging markets.1) The main businesses in the Mirae Asset Financial Group include asset management, investment banking, wealth management, life insurance and venture capital.

Mirae Asset Global Investments

Since we introduced the very first mutual funds to Korean retail investors in 1997, Mirae Asset Global Investments has become one of the largest and most respected asset management companies in Korea. While our asset management operations are currently focused on Asia, we also have offices in countries around the world to help us better identify investment opportunities for our clients. Achieving the best returns for our clients is our main objective and by broadening our reach and experise, we will soon be able to serve clients from every part of the globe.

Mirae Asset Securities

Mirae Asset Securities is an independent, customer-oriented financial entity established in 1999. We specialize in designing a variety of tailored products for our clients, backed by a team of qualified professionals. Following its motto of í░building on principles,í▒ the company has grown rapidly over the years, while honing its expertise in wealth management, investment banking, brokerage and corporate pensions.

Mirae Asset Life Insurance

With over 1,600 full-time professionals and 10,000 financial consultants, Mirae Asset Life Insurance is a full-service life insurance company offering clients a broad range of life insurance, investment-linked insurance and retirement products. In March 2008, the company recorded a solvency margin ratio of 202.5%.
In addition to variable life insurance policies and retirement pension plans, Mirae Asset Life Insurance offers financial consulting and comprehensive retirement planning services.

Mirae Asset Capital

Mirae Asset Capital is the founding company of the Mirae Asset Financial Group. Established in 1997, the company provides financial consulting and corporate financing services.
Mirae Asset Capital also invests in companies that will be the future growth engines of the Korean economy, such as internet, multimedia and biotechnology companies.

Mirae Asset Venture Investment

Mirae Asset Venture Investment provides initial funding to promising startups, especially in the knowledge-based financial infrastructure and high-tech sectors.

Mirae Asset Fund Services

Mirae Asset Fund Services Co. Ltd. provides comprehensive fund accounting and administrative services to our fund professional clients. We offer wide range of services including accounting for different types of securities, NAV calculation, performance measurement, risk management, and many other professional services for effective fund management, transparent accounting process, and establishment of credibility.

Mirae Asset Consulting

Mirae Asset Consulting provides comprehensive property services such as property development, infrastructure advisory, and asset management based on Mirae Asset group financial services industry.

Mirae Asset Global Asset Investments (Brazil)

Mirae Asset Global Investments (Brazil) was established in 2008 with a solid and specialized structure to become one of the leading financial institutions in Brazil. We intend to combine our international expertise with the opportunities in the Brazilian market to provide our clients with the best investment solutions.

Mirae Asset Securities (Beijing Representative Office)

Established in July 2007, Mirae Asset Securities (Beijing Representative Office) marked the entrance of the Mirae Asset Financial Group to the rising investment opportunities in China. Our companyí»s strategic locations in Beijing and Shanghai have paved the way to the land of highly attractive growth possibilities. We aim to leverage our expertise and offer superior services to our global investors with concentration in the areas of research and marketing. We are currently in the process of forming strategic alliances and joint ventures with Chinese financial companies to expand our products and services for our clients.

Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, our team of investment professionals from across the globe provides the highest international standard of asset management and advisory services. The Hong Kong team draws on the varied skills of its international members while maintaining a disciplined approach based on an unwavering adherence to our core investment principles.

Mirae Asset Global Investments (HK)

Mirae Asset Global Investments (HK) was established in 2003 to bring our clients a variety of equity and fixed income funds invested mainly in the Asia Pacific region. The firm represents the global headquarters for the entire group of Mirae Asset Global Investments offices located around the world, outside Korea.
Our Hong Kong office manages China, Hong Kong, regional and global equity funds, as well as various sector funds and fixed income funds. It is also the principal investment manager and global distributor for expansion into Greater China.

Mirae Asset Securities (HK)

Mirae Asset Securities (HK) was established in January 2006 with the vision of becoming the leading Asia Pacific financial services company. Mirae Asset's professional and experienced Hong Kong-based researchers, analysts, traders and financial advisors cover the Asia market. Our customer-focused approach translates into a broad range of investment services including brokerage, investment banking services and wealth management services for both individuals and institutions.

Mirae Asset Global Investments (India)

Mirae Asset Global Investments (India) was established in 2006 to develop investment opportunities in this fast-growing nation and to apply our core values to the Indian market. Our team of investment professionals has two main functions: to provide investment opportunities to domestic clients and to offer on-the-ground research to clients who wish to invest in the Indian market.

United Kingdom
Mirae Asset Global Investments (UK)

Our presence in the United Kingdom underscores our determination to establish a strong stature in the global financial markets and further solidify our position as an emerging market specialist. By applying the same principles that have made us who we are today, Mirae Asset Global Investments (UK) promises to deliver value to our clients in the United Kingdom and in the rest of Europe.
Mirae Asset Global Investments (UK) allows us to identify regional opportunities for our growing list of clients across the world. The objective is to build long-term value by identifying solid opportunities and innovating within proven investment strategies. Assets managed include European funds, Latin American funds and other international funds.

Mirae Asset Securities (UK)

Mirae Asset Securities (UK) was established in October 2008. We offer dedicated brokerage services to qualified investors seeking access to the markets in the Asian region. The company offers a truly independent and comprehensive broking and execution service to institutional investors who need to be in touch with the fast changing global markets of today and tomorrow. We provide access to major global markets including London, New York, LATAM and the Emerging Markets.

United States
Mirae Asset Global Investments (USA)

Established in 2008, Mirae Asset Global Investments (USA) LLC, is a Registered Investment Advisor firm focused on our corporate mantra of í░building on principles.í▒ We partner with clients making connections and delivering tailored solutions for success in todayí»s markets. Focusing on our emerging market expertise, we provide individuals and corporations with domestic and global access to investment opportunities around the world. We strive to generate growth opportunities within the financial marketplace, as our foothold in the United States solidifies our position as emerging market leaders.

Mirae Asset Securities (USA)

Mirae Asset Securities (USA) Inc. offers comprehensive execution services to qualified investors who need to be in touch with the fast changing markets of the world. We provide access to major global markets including New York, London, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Seoul. Our dedicated professionals engage clients with in-depth market knowledge and up-to-date market information. We house a team of high caliber professionals that are committed to providing exemplary services to sophisticated and demanding clients. Our one-stop service model offers investors with seamless services encompassing complete integration from execution to settlement.

Mirae Asset Securities (Vietnam)

Mirae Asset Securities (Vietnam) was established in December 2007, making us the first foreign securities firm to launch a full range of corporate financial services in Vietnam. We offer brokerage, financial advisory and custodial services, in addition to our investment banking services such as corporate finance and underwriting.

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